f you should happen to find a cellphone lying around somewhere more than likely it is either broken beyond repair and someone threw it away or it is stolen. But on the slim chance you actually find a lost cellphone here are a couple things you can do to help the owner get reunited with his/her phone.
  • If you are in a store it is best to hand it in to the stores lost and found as most people will retrace their tracks.
  • If the phone turns on, see if you can find out which cellphone carrier the phone is serviced under.
  • See if you can get in to the general settings of the phone to get the Serial number, IMEI number, or the actual cellphone telephone number to be able to report this information to the cellphone carrier.
  • If the phone should happen to wring in your possession, answer it to tell the person on the other end you found this persons phone.
  • If you can get in the phone call someone that the owner may have called recently to let them know you found this individuals phone.
If the carrier has told you the phone was reported stolen. 

There is little that can be done with the phone if the old owner cannot be located or contacted the. It is virtually useless and is pretty much only good for parts if any are still usable.